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Money Back Guarantee

Our students are provided with different approaches to receive their payments for the ordered papers. Be aware of the fact that receiving payments for the ordered papers is allowed in case of the student’s provision of the sum of money for the previous order. To receive payments, a student should consider the following rules. A student has a right to get 100% of payments made for the paper if his/her paper has not been accepted yet, provided

  • A student has paid erroneously or there is an error in the process of sending money. If a student has found some error in the process of sending money, he/she needs to tell us about it without delay. Our company will respond to this request immediately.
  • Our custom writing company fails to provide a person who can complete the paper at this point. This type of situation may occur once in a while. The student will be given relevant information about the results of the procedure of sending money back.
  • A student does not require the paper any more for the reason of the exceeded time limit and failure to get the paper before the assigned time. In this situation, the student will not be provided with his/her paper.

70% of payments will be sent back if :

  • A person responsible for the paper competition but less than 50% of time limit has proceeded. In this situation, a student should provide additional payment for the completed paper. This fact means that returning of incomplete payments is possible.

50% of payments will be sent back if:

  • A student ordered making changes in the paper but none of the staff is free to do this task right now.
  • The person responsible for making changes in the paper has already been engaged in the process of work and 50% of the time limit has proceeded. This fact shows that a student needs to pay for the portion of the paper content which has already been made.

Just when a student orders sending payments back, he/she has not any legal rights for the intellectual property.  A student cannot have the paper completed by our writers if he/she makes a decision to initiate the process of returning payments. If a student orders to make changes in the paper, he/she accepts the paper, and it will be improved if only some details in the content of the paper need to be altered.