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Revision Policy

Although our writers produce excellent essays, few of these works may require making changes to address the demands of our students. For this reason, a student has a right to order revising the content of the paper. It is allowed to order unlimited number of changes in the content of the paper ordered by the student. The key requirement is that these changes should be consistent with the previously delivered directions. Our custom writing company provides two weeks for making changes in the papers which contain less than 30 pages and a month for making improvements in the content of the academic essays which contain more than 40 pages. If a student does not require making any improvements during the assigned period of time, our custom writing company will consider the completed paper as the one which is accepted by the student. If a student has a desire to improve his/her essay after the period of time assigned for changes of the content, it is possible to order this service or ask for writing another paper. Any student has a right to improve his/her paper provided that these improvements satisfy the next conditions:

  • The directions for improvement of the paper given by a student are easy to understand and consistent with the previous directions. Our professional writers from quality control commission explore the order for making improvements and assess the quality of the final paper. If they identify inconsistency with the previous directions, the order for improvement will be rejected. If a student remains interested in making changes in the paper, it is possible to order the services like proofreading or editing.
  • Nothing can be altered in the paper until the student makes a decision to order improvements of the paper.
  • Our contract with the student who orders making improvements will not be broken.
  • The time limit for making changes in the paper is 48 hours, but our writers can do this task ahead of time. Our writers will definitely complete this task in about 12 hours (for 12 hours urgency papers), 24 hours (for 24 hours urgency papers) and 48 hours (for the papers over 24 hours urgency).